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Magazine editor Samantha Parker meets her new neighbour Stephen Parker over a wrong mail delivery. The attraction is fast and strong, the desire to taste his sexy mouth fierce. But a previous bad experience with a neighbour prevents her from acting upon her urges. The question is, for how long?

As soon as their eyes meet Stephen Parker is hooked. Determined to take what he desires—his stunning new neighbour—he won’t give up on his plans even though she flatly refuses his invitation for homemade pasta. But there is always a next time and Stephen doesn’t quit easily, he’ll just bide his time until another opportunity arises.



Review:yougottaread (Donna) **** STARS

Stephen is a new tenant in Samantha’s building, and there are serious sparks upon first meeting. But Samantha is determined to follow her rule of never dating a neighbor…until she can no longer resist.

Dream Neighbour is a super short story with a quick hook, a slow burn, and a nice long simmer…of sultry, steamy sex. There is not much room for character development or growth, but the hero and heroine seem pretty stable from the beginning. Overall, it is an arousing quick read.

Review: The Jeep Diva (Vanessa Romano) **** STARS

This was a clever little short: fearing the awkwardness if something should go amiss, Samantha Parker is ignoring the palpable electric vibes that come off her neighbour Stephen Parker. She's opened his mail; he saw her adjusting her stockings in the elevator, what would be wrong with a casual night out, or in? It's not as if there isn't an itch needing to be scratched, and her endless nights of erotic dreams and the battery operated boyfriend are nothing like the real deal.

With plenty of verbal foreplay and some pretty arousing fantasies voiced by Samantha, this is a steamy short read that will set your heart beating a quick tattoo. By the time they finally manage to sate their desires, all you can do is enjoy the ride: almost as much as Samantha does.

Francesca St.Claire has created one very hot little story that will have readers panting. 


....1 JUNE 2013 

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Francesca St. Claire