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From the moment the beautiful brunette entered the ski resort’s crowded bar, Nick Dahlberg was hooked. As if her natural glow and smiling brown eyes aren’t arousing enough, when she removes her bulky vest, her sexy contours send his imagination—and libido—into overdrive. What fun a sinful weekend with her would be.

The yearly vacation with her best friends from college dictates no flirting, but when Stephanie notices the tall blond staring at her from across the room, lust coils and heat instantly ignites between them. The man is yummy with a capital Y. 

The following day brings them face-to-face, and his invitation to explore a secluded ski run is too tempting to resist. Thankfully her friends are leaving before the weekend, because Stephanie finds she can’t say no to spending time with Nick…or the long list of delightful pleasures his naughty imagination has in mind.



Nick Dahlberg is captivated the minute he sees Stephanie enter the ski resorts bar. She has a body that sends his libido into overdrive. Stephanie is at the resort to vacation with her best friends from college. Therefore, she tries to stay away from the hunky guy she spots. Her friends leave before the weekend, so Nick and Stephanie spend the weekend indulging in his naughty imagination.

I enjoyed the fact that Stephanie wanted to spend her time with her friends and not a guy. I also liked how Nick was willing to wait until Stephanie’s friends left. The chemistry between Nick and Stephanie is off the charts explosive. The sex is hot and explosive.

I loved the ending to this story. Normally I am not fond of short stories but this was a wonderful hot story. I hope to see more from these characters in the future.


This was an enjoyable, quick read. If you just need a quickie – this is your pick. Stephanie is ready for a ski weekend with the girls, but when her eye lands on Nick, she can't get the girls out of there fast enough. They spend the next few days exploring the slopes of the snowy mountain, as well as, the slopes of each other. Hoping not to fall but knowing the ride would be fun, Stephanie gives into temptation and hopes for a future that is just as adventurous. The writing was great and you fell into step very quickly with the story. The sex was steamy and often, but not overbearingly graphic. The story was believable as well, not an over the top cliché which was a nice surprise. Personally, I could see reading a follow-up to their story to see where they go from here.

Reviewed by Mustang Sally of The Jeep Diva 



His arousal thickened the moment his tongue entered her mouth. He’d intended for this to be a gentle kiss but, damn, her lips were too sexy for sedate kisses, and he hadn’t felt sexual attraction of this intensity for a long time. When she moaned, he tightened his arms and stroked the contours of her curvy body under her padded clothing. He kissed her deeper, demanding more. Every cell in him tingled. If he didn’t quickly take control of his urges, he’d be pushing her against a tree and thoroughly ravishing her—his tongue and cock deep inside her, his hands cupping her shapely ass, bringing her to orgasm with raw and urgent thrusts, the tension building higher and higher until they flew over the edge. Now there was a thought.

Reluctantly he ended the kiss, dropping his forehead to hers as he tried to regain some sort of composure. This wasn’t the time or place to get carried away. Christ, he was hornier than a sex-starved teenager. The desire to take her was overwhelming.

He cupped her face and traveled his gaze over her hair and mouth, a never-ending source of luscious thoughts streaming through his mind—her shapely lips closing over his rock-hard dick, sucking him dry—before settling on her eyes again. His thumb slid along her lower lip and she breathed deep. He was only a moment away from losing total control. She drove him crazy, but this was a public place and the temperature had dropped. Given the choice, he’d rather not get frostbite on his ass when he made love to her the first time. No, he’d much prefer to have her in his bed, under him, her naked arms and long legs wrapped around him. He shuddered. Sanity prevailed.

He prudently stepped back and discreetly arranged his cock in his pants. He could wait…just…even if his blood pumped south, hardening his shaft, making it impossible to think of anything else but fucking her. For now he’d enjoy a couple more hours skiing with his hot sexy partner. And later…

If he didn’t stop his train of thought they would never finish what they’d come for—skiing.

“Ready to try another run?” he asked, running a hand over his hair.

She removed her woolly hat and shook her thick dark mane. It spilled over her shoulders in a silk cascade. “No, but I’m ready for a hot chocolate. You?”

Spellbound by her graceful moves, he became caught up in another fantasy—her sexy hair framing her beautiful face, caressing her breasts as she undulated on top of him. No, hot chocolate was definitely not what he had in mind.

“Yes,” he said, sliding his goggles back onto his nose, trying to hide his lustful thoughts. “Let’s go to my place and have it there.” Stephanie hesitated long enough he teased, “What? Afraid I don’t know how to make hot chocolate?”

Myriad emotions flashed across her face, apprehension one of them, bluntly evident when she took another moment to answer. “What’s your last name, Nick?”

Understanding her concern, he smiled reassuringly. “Smart woman. The name is Dahlberg. Nicholas Dahlberg. Write it down as well as my address and text them both to one of your friends. Have you a phone with you?”


“Good. Text her. My car is in the parking lot. I’ll take you home later if you wish to change before we go out to dinner.”

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20 MARCH 2013 

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